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Martin Pall

The 5G rollout is absolutely insane.
During the “Health in Buildings Roundtable” 24. August 2018 sponsored by the National Institutes of Health & co-organized by the US CDC and several other organizations, Dr. Martin Pall from the Washington State University (WSU) concluded that the “5G rollout is absolutely insane”.

In this short presentation, Dr. Pall confirms that the current 2G/3G/4G radiation the population is exposed to has been scientifically linked with: – Lowered fertility; – Insomnia, fatigue, depression, anxiety, and major changes in brain structure in animals; – Cellular DNA damage; – Oxidative stress; – Hormonal disruption; – Cancer; – And much more
. Dr. Pall briefly explains the mechanisms of how the electrosmog emitted by our cell phones, wifi routers, cell phone antennas and other wireless technologies affect human cells.

For the most current information on Dr. Pall’s work, read the letter he sent to various organizations in the world sooner this year, titled: “5G: great risk for EU, U.S. and International Health! Compelling Evidence for Eight Distinct Types of Great Harm Caused by Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Exposures and the Mechanism that Causes Them”: https://s3.amazonaws.com/nghl-ntge/pa…


5G Bellingham hosted an event in Bellingham WA 7. November 2019 where Dr. Martin Pall, an advocate against 5G technology roll out. In this presentation, Dr. Pall distills numerous scientific studies into “bite-sized” information for the general public to consume.


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