Grænseværdier og mobiltelefoner

Flere indgange til mobiltelefoni og elektromagnetisk stråling se her:

Scientists Speaking on Health Effects of Cell Phone Wireless Radiation
Lille video på 2.50 min fra 15. sep. 2018.
Hundreder af forskere taler om sundhedseffekterne af mobiltelefon og trådløs. De opfordrer til handling for at beskytte børn og samfund. Over tyve lande har vedtaget beskyttelsespolitikker. Se mere her:…

RF Radiation from AirPods explained
In this video we will show that the AirPods emit RF radiation from the minute they are pulled out of the case. The transmission is constant and will not change if you play music, make a call , or just leave them in you ears. RF (Radio Frequency) is a type of Non-ionizing radiation. Non-ionizing radiation can’t damage DNA directly , but there have been studies (repeatedly) showing it can cause DNA damage and other biological effects, in indirect ways. Please see More info about the health effect of non-ionizing radiation –… More science at –… RF Radiation has been declared to be a “possible carcinogenic to humans” by the IARC(WHO) in 2011. The NTP study of 2018 showed that rodents exposed to RF radiation were more likly to develop several types of tumors, and has more DNA damage than rodents that were not exposed. the NTP study bottom line is that the assumption that the only possible effect of low level RF radiation is heat, is not valid. The Interphone study of 2010 showed that people talking on their mobile phone more than an average of 27 minutes per day, for 10 years where more likely to suffer from Glioma (a type of brain cancer). For more key studies about RF health effect please see:…

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